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Hickory, NC (November 14th, 2022) – For the last run of the 2022 racing season, there is nothing like running in the Fall Brawl at Hickory Motor Speedway. This year like any other offered some of the greatest competition in short track auto racing. Heading into the event, driver Jaiden Reyna and his crew had their sights focused on a strong finish. Yet at the start of the day, well it didn’t go as planned. “The rain and the heavy fog left the track really green, so we couldn’t get a solid gauge on the car right away,” Jaiden said.


They then are evaluated by judges from across the NASCAR industry. Each driver is assessed in different areas from physical fitness, on-track performance to media & marketing skills. The NASCAR Drive for Diversity Driver Development Program was created in 2004 with great success having Daniel Suárez and Kyle Larson as alumni of the program. Read The Full Article



Concord, NC (November 18th, 2022) – In our sport as in most, when the season comes to an end, the training begins. The sponsor search starts and preparing for next season is in full focus.  For some there are rougher roads than others, for example ethnically diverse and female drivers. With that, NASCAR and Rev Racing have created the Drive For Diversity for many pre-selected drivers. The drivers are selected from around the world and go through a rigorous selection process.


“We made a few laps at pace and knew we were close but also that we could be better. We made some adjustments for our second run but didn’t even get a lap in.” A lap cut short due to a tire failure. “When the right front blew going into 3 we nailed the wall pretty good. There were a lot of parts that needed to be replaced but the biggest problem was the upper control-arm that completely snapped. We didn’t have another one.” And this is where racing is one of the greatest sports in the country, even the world. “I have to thank the Sutton Family Race Team for stepping up and helping out by providing a welder.” Real sportsmanship in a truly competitive world. Jaiden continued, “Kres had to weld that back together. They had to bend the mounts back into place. The left side was jarred pretty good too so they had to rebuild that side. It took them over 2 hours to put it all back together.”

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Concord, NC (November 10th, 2022) – As the Late Models invade “the Birthplace of NASCAR Stars”, driver Jaiden Reyna is ready for Hickory Speedway’s 2022 Fall Brawl. A spectacular event to end the 2022 season, while many have been sitting in anticipation, the time is here. This weekend the iconic late model event will be the first for Jaiden, who has clocked many laps at the infamous raceway. He has claimed two podium finishes on the 0.363-mile asphalt oval this season. “I feel pretty confident going into this weekend,” he said.


“I’ve got a great team behind me and this is the only track that I have more than one race at in a Late Model.” The 16 year old has taken a liking to the short track, “The tight racing is one of my favorite aspects of Hickory. It’s an abrasive race track that really tests your patience and technique.” He continued, “I always seek out the most challenging competition and Hickory is definitely on the list of tracks which provide that.

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Looking Back to 10/22/22

My KVR crew gave me a great car for my first Cars Tour race this weekend and I had a blast driving with some of the best LM competition in the southeast. We rolled off the trailer with top-10 pace and maintained it over the weekend. I left the time we needed for a top-10 qualifying run on the table by forgetting to adjust the brake bias. I hate letting my guys down. They brought a rocket to the track for me. Track position changed our day from a real good run to a DNF. I'm learning what I can from it and will do better next time.

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