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Concord, NC (November 10th, 2022) – As the Late Models invade “the Birthplace of NASCAR Stars”, driver Jaiden Reyna is ready for Hickory Speedway’s 2022 Fall Brawl. A spectacular event to end the 2022 season, while many have been sitting in anticipation, the time is here. This weekend the iconic late model event will be the first for Jaiden, who has clocked many laps at the infamous raceway. He has claimed two podium finishes on the 0.363-mile asphalt oval this season. “I feel pretty confident going into this weekend,” he said. “I’ve got a great team behind me and this is the only track that I have more than one race at in a Late Model.” The 16 year old has taken a liking to the short track, “The tight racing is one of my favorite aspects of Hickory. It’s an abrasive race track that really tests your patience and technique.” He continued, “I always seek out the most challenging competition and Hickory is definitely on the list of tracks which provide that.


This season Jaiden and his team have been getting seat time and developing him as a driver, yet winning is always in the heart and mind of any racer, and to win Hickory’s Fall Brawl would add that something special to the victory. “Winning this race would be my first career win in this division so that alone would make it very special.” Of course this is not a Saturday Night 50 Lap Feature, oh no, this is the Fall Brawl. “This will also be my first long race at 200 laps,” he said. “So putting my team in victory lane at a debut race like this would be a big testament to the hard work and attention to detail that we all put in.” Jaiden has been working with, Kres VanDyke Racing with great success. The team and Jaiden have jelled as well as finding a bond that sets vital in our sport, trust!


In the genuine sense of training, Jaiden has been training for this event all season. This is the one that has the longevity as well as the competition that gives him the drive as he excels in his career. The track and the event holds decades of history, creating some of the greatest drivers seen in the sport of auto racing. Jaiden has an admiration for the event as he sets sights on a great race and his chance to claim the checkers at the 2022 Fall Brawl.


A gracious and grateful Jaiden wishes to share his gratitude. “I would like to thank everybody at KVR; Kres VanDyke, Barb, Zach, Ryan, Jeremy, Matt, William, Jay, Peggy, Bayne, and Erin. My Mom and Dad.

My sponsors Ally Banking and Without their support, this season wouldn’t have been possible.”



You can catch Jaiden wheel his #5 Ally Banking, Chevy LIVE  from Hickory Speedway on FloRacing at 4 p.m. ET Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022

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